The Supervillain Tabletop RPG

In fanciful green purple and orange lettering is the title: Together We'll Be Unstoppable (And That's Terrible) A Supervillain RPG by Zoe Maxine

What if you wanted to knock over a bank?

Rob a jewelry store?

Set up an elaborate death trap in an abandoned theme park?

Pull a heist?

Monologue to your greatest enemy?

Do you want to be bad?

Together We’ll Be Unstoppable is a work-in-progress Supervillain themed tabletop roleplaying game that is very loosely inspired by Powered By the Apocalypse.

Current details as of April 2023:

  • 35 902 words.
  • 103 pages.
  • Requires: 1d20,  2d6, X-Card
  • Basic Stats: Fight, Stealth, Con, Movement, Observe, Skill
  • Special Stats: Defeat (how close you are to being defeated) and Drama (a stat that can help special rolls but hurt stealth rolls).


  • The Expert (Expertise options: Thievery, Combat, Science, Technology)
  • The Powered (Power umbrellas: Elemental, Enhanced, Psychic, Shapeshifting, Magic, Inhuman, Support, Creature Mastery)
  • The Trickster (Styles: Gimmick Gadgets, Wildcard Powers, Mix and Match)

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