Character Design

Drawings of three bug aliens, in green and teal, purple and green, and orange and brown
drawings of three squid aliens, a blue, pink and yellow one

A character design of a fat butch woman in a red shirt and grey pants with suspenders. There's extra expressions, and a version with a glowing yellow eye monster in front of her.

A row of expressions on the woman in red with the eye monster.

A costumed criminal in orange and purple with a wide cape, mask and curling hair, and an unusual suit.

a grey teal with gold highlights robot poses seductively but in a funny way
a portrait of a dark skinned woman with magical blue hair, a blue 20s dress, and pointed elf ears portrait of a grey bunny man dressed in a bright yellow suit a figure with pitch black smoke instead of a face with only a toothy grin visible wearing a white suit